The goal of detoxication with MEGA NFC® medical10 is regeneration of the detoxication paths of organism and its relief from toxins and heavy metals by their fixation and elimination, as well as relief and disease prevention of vital metabolic organs.


MEGA NFC® medical10 can fix toxic substances (e.g., heavy metals – lead or mercury). Undesirable metabolic products can also be fixed and eliminated naturally due to this feature, without side effects.

The medicine fixes lead, mercury, cadmium and cesium in the GI tract and promotes their elimination form the organism.

At the same time MEGA NFC® medical10 provides organism with valuable minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium, supports liver functioning at detoxication of organism by fixing the ammonia ions. Ammonium is the product of albumin metabolism which mainly loads liver and can lead to neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s disease, catalepsies, etc.).

This effect results in the minerals’ ability to ion exchange with its perfect adsorption properties. MEGA NFC® medical10 acts in the GI tract purely physically without burdening metabolic processes. As a rule, MEGA NFC® medical10 is fully eliminated from organism within 24 hours together with the harmful substances.

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Why Detox?

Toxications observed in human body are a result of impairment of the metabolism caused due to various chemical substances from our daily life, medicines, dye stuffs, artificial flavours, preservatives, household chemicals, excessive alcohol, consumption of stimulants, various environmental factors and different types of radiation.

Normally, our body should be able to clean itself. However, when the amount of harmful substances increase uncontrollably, they settle in the cells causing an ”intoxication”.The body can then no longer succeed in the self-cleaning process and he needs help from the outside.

When the body has been overburdened with harmful substances and you start to notice its first symptoms such as

fatigue and irritability, weight imbalance, poor quality sleep, hair loss,

then your best choice is

Bodycleaning Deluxe Preparation MEGA NFC® medical10.

Through the elimination and purging of toxins and unwanted substances out of your body you efficiently improve your appearance and quality of life.

It is particularly effective in treating stomach and intestinal inflammations, food allergies and histamine intolerance.